International Conference on
Embodied Cognitive Science 2021

Okinawa — November 1-5, 2021

Social interaction plays many roles in shaping our cognitive capacities in both health and disease. ECogS 2021 is a forum for advancing the scientific understanding of these roles from a diversity of perspectives.

Keynotes hailing from psychology, social cognitive neuroscience, computer science, anthropology, and philosophy of mind, experts from both experimental and theoretical disciplines, will come together to discuss a core theme: how does real-time embodied social interaction matter to the mind?

As people around the globe struggle to cope with the prolonged lockdown and social distancing measures put into place since last year, the importance of social interaction to mental wellbeing is becoming increasingly salient. In this context, the diverse approaches of participants at the conference will be a major opportunity to reflect on lessons that we can learn from these challenging times.


The Call for Proposals is now closed, but it will be possible to register for remote attendance once registration opens.

Important dates

  • Abstract submission deadline: May 31, 2021 (Anywhere on Earth)
  • Notification of acceptance: June 28, 2021


Tony Chemero
To be announced
Anna Ciaunica
To be announced
Shaun Gallagher
The dynamics of social interaction in the context of psychopathology
Sanneke De Haan
To be announced
J. A. Scott Kelso
On the coordination dynamics of mindful bodies
Ivana Konvalinka
To be announced
Joel Krueger
To be announced
Miriam Kyselo
To be announced
Charles Lenay
To be announced
Michelle Maiese
Consciousness-Raising, Languaging, and Affective Habits
Mizuki Oka
Analysis and Design of Social Presence in Online Social Communication
Leonhard Schilbach
Psychiatric disorders as disorders of social interaction
Shigeru Taguchi
Is first-person perspective fundamental? Social interactions from a 'zero-person' perspective
Shogo Tanaka
Intercorporeality mediated by online meeting software
Jun Tani
Exploring Robotic Minds Under the Framework of Predictive Coding and Active Inference

Any questions, please ask. This conference is organized by:

Tom Froese
Conference Chair, OIST
Sébastien Lerique
Program Chair, OIST
Kaori Yamashiro
Kaori Yamashiro
Local Organizer, OIST