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Members of the club and our guests participate on an entirely voluntary basis.  No connection with the University is assumed regardless of the name. Cycling is an inherently dangerous activity, and in acknowledging this, members and their guests will not hold the University liable for any liability, damage or injury, that may be incurred during activities in this club.


Latest Posts

  • Sunday Ride July 27 2014

    Sunday Ride July 27 2014

    Meet 8 am at Onna-no-Eki.  Early enough to beat some of the heat.  Bring sunscreen and your bike.

    Ride duration and direction will be determined by whomever turns up.  Options are varied!  Beginners welcome.


  • Sunday ride April 7

    Sunday club ride north to Nago and return.  Most likely 329 north (into headwind), cross on the 71, and return via the 58.

    Meet at Tabata at Ishikawa at 11.  expected distance 70 km from Ishikawa to OIST.

  • Saturday Ride June 1

    8:30 from Onna-no-eki, up the 6 and generally southeast to Katsuren, then around the peninsula and back via the 75.

    60 km, moderate climbing, about 3 hours including stops.

    See the Katsuren ride map here.