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Okinawa Shogaku Junior High and High School

OkiSho FAQs

What grades are offered?

The school offers both Junior (Grades 7-9) and Senior High Schools (Grades 10-12).


What Curriculum and textbooks are used?

As an Article 1 accredited school, Okisho follows the MEXT (Japanese Ministry of Education) curriculum for all grade levels. Additionally, high school students can also choose to enter the school’s International Baccalaureate Diploma Progamme (IBDP) during high school (grades 10-12.) Students who successfully complete the IBDP receive both a Japanese High School Certificate of Graduation and an IBDP Diploma.


What entrance examinations are there?

Students will have to take the entrance examination as a prerequisite for admission. Additionally, admission to the IBDP requires an additional requirement English proficiency of an EIKEN score of grade pre-2 (or equivalent.)


What afterschool options are available?

There are many clubs and sports teams, with a very high level of achievement, including national championships in several disciplines, and professional, world class athletes and performers. Non-athletic clubs include: Band, Choir, Bell Choir, Cultural exchange/interests, Japanese chess/go, abacus, Japanese tea ceremony; Athletic clubs include: Baseball, Basketball, Volleyball, Judo, Swimming, Soccer, Kendo, Naginata, Badminton, Karate.


What are the different nationalities of students represented?

The vast majority of students are Japanese or Japanese dual nationality. However, the school has extensive exchange programs and a network of sister schools around the world, and those exchange students are welcomed into the classroom.


What big school trips are available during the year?

Each year, for students who wish to attend, there several destinations, typically; Australia, Taiwan, America, and Canada. Additionally, junior high school 9th grade and high school 11th grade have class trips. The junior high trip is usually to mainland Japan, while the high school students have a choice of (usually) Australia, China (Shanghai), Canada, the USA, Taiwan, and mainland Japan.


What is currently being developed at the school?

The school focuses on “Ningen Ryoko,” which is the development of personal character and accountability. This is accomplished by learning Karate, English skills, and volunteer activities, all of which serve to develop personal strength, communication skills, and a sense of service to the community. Additionally, the school places great emphasis on international exchange, and all students participate in several international exchange events each year.


What additional support is provided for students? Extra support for students in literacy is not available.


What are the student numbers for each section? Junior high school ~ 700, High school ~ 1300, IB program – 50


Accurate as of April 2021


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