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Da Vinci FAQs

What grades are offered?

The school currently offers Preschool (3 years old~)/Kindergarten through High School.


Curriculum and textbooks are used?

A range of curriculums are used to support the transition of students from their previous school/country to Da Vinci. At High School level they follow an American curriculum.


What entrance examinations are there?

There are no entrance examinations. During enrolment they will hold an interview with the parent(s) and student together, as well as one with the student on their own. After enrolment, students will take a placement test to determine their starting point.


What afterschool options are available?

There are a variety of clubs on offer afterschool, which run from 3:00pm – 4:00pm.


What are the different nationalities of students represented?

Japanese, American, Puerto Rican, Colombian, Brazilian, Romanian, Indian, Korean, Chinese, French, Italian, and Swiss.


What big school trips are available during the year?

DaVinci students have several field trips during the year, for example bicycling, ice skating and camps, like summer camp. Trips are only held when Covid-19 safety precautions can be guaranteed.


What is currently being developed at the school?

The school is currently growing in many areas. They have expanded to three new buildings with nine classrooms, so now the school has a total of six buildings and 15 classrooms. By next year they will have 18 classrooms. They have created a bus system of six vehicles to aid access to the school, from Naha all the way to Onna. The bus system includes special service for OIST. For more information on what is new at Da Vinci, please visit this link: https://www.trydavinci.okinawa/


What additional support is provided for students?

Da Vinci prides itself on low student/teacher ratios (1:8), allowing them to individualize the programs they offer to each student. Their support for children with specific learning needs is outstanding, they have a variety of resources and highly trained staff to ensure students are reaching their potential.


What are the student numbers for each section?

Pre-K and Kindergarten – 3*, Elementary – 48, Middle school – 13, High school – 18
*Pre-K and Kindergarten will start accepting new students from October 2022.


Accurate as of October 2023

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