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AmerAsian FAQs

What grades are offered?  

The school offers PreK (4 years old) to 9th grade.  


What curriculum and textbooks are used?  

The AASO curriculum takes a double immersion approach. A double immersion approach means that all core academic instruction is simultaneously conducted in two languages where the core subjects are language arts, math, science, and social studies. At AASO, this means that teachers teach Japanese and English language arts in the respective languages, and math, science, and social studies in both English and Japanese. All non-core academic instruction takes place in English only. The underlying goal of this approach is to develop high levels of proficiency in both languages without diluting grade-specific academic requirements.

Historically, more than 90 percent of students graduating from AASO have chosen to pursue secondary education in the Japanese public school system. Since students must pass a standardized entrance examination to start high school in Japan, test preparation continues to be at the forefront of our academic priority. As such, we follow the Japanese curriculum standards set by the Japanese Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science, and Technology (MEXT) for most of the core subjects regardless of the language of instruction. These subjects are Japanese language arts, math, science, and Japanese social studies (life skills for Grades 1 and 2).

In contrast, we adhere to the curriculum standards designed by the US Department of Defense Education Activity (DoDEA) for English language arts and American social studies. As for the non-core subjects, we endeavor to combine the best of both worlds to create lesson plans that are fit for the bicultural ethos of the school.

Please see the breakdown of each class below: 

PreK-Kindergarten - 8 students

1st Grade - 7 students

2nd Grade - 6 students 

3rd Grade - 9 students

4th Grade - 4 students

5th Grade - 8 students

6th Grade - 8 students 

7th Grade - 3 students 

8th Grade - 4 students 

9th Grade - 1 student 

Total: 58 students (as of September 2022)


What entrance examinations are there?  

No entrance exams are administered for admission at AASO.  Students will however be required to attend a trial week (5 school days). Prior to the trial week, parents will be interviewed so that AASO can gather pertinent information regarding English/Japanese abilities and reasons for wanting to attend AASO.  After the student/s have completed the trial week, another interview will be conducted between the parents and administration team.  In this meeting the administration team will share observations gathered by teachers during the trial week. 


What afterschool options are available?  

They offer before school care from 7:00 – 8:00 and after school care from 15:40 – 18:00.  During the after school program, teachers assist students with their homework.  At the moment, AASO offers a weekly music club for grades 4-9. Students in grades 5-9 may also join Student Council. 


What are the different nationalities of students represented?  

The majority of students are binational with one parent being Japanese and the other being American. We have some mononational students, and some students whose other parent’s nationality is something aside from American. 


What big school trips are available during the year?  

Each class will conduct local trips throughout the year. There are no wider school trips organized.  AASO provides literacy support for students who need support in English or Japanese.


What additional support is provided for students?  

They will provide literacy support for students who need it in English or Japanese.  


What are the student numbers for each section?  

As of September 2022: Kindergarten – 8, Elementary – 42, Middle/Junior High School - 8  


Note students attending Okinawa AmerAsian School are also registered in a public school according to the municipality in which they live. 

Accurate as of October 2023



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