Japanese Course Sign-up

2019 May Semester Application is open now!


  • Beginners without a background of studying Japanese →Apply for “Basic Japanese 1a (Morning Class)” or “Basic Japanese 1b(Afternoon Class).”


Please note that we have a limited number of seats in one class. If you have limited time to attend or are only able to attend once a week, we ask that you give others the chance to register first.

Basic Japanese 1a will begin on the 9th of May and Basic Japanese 1b will begin on the 7th of May.


If you have any questions, please contact naomi.kuroda@oist.jp


Morning Class:    Tuesday and Friday, 11am-12pm

Afternoon Class: Monday and Thursday, 4pm-5pm

Please choose only one course to register for. Application for the other levels will open at the beginning of April.