Course Coordinator: 
Ulf Skoglund
Molecular Electron Tomography

The course will show through theoretical and practical work how the 3D structure of a protein can be determined to about 2nm resolution directly in a buffer solution or in tissue. The students will get a direct hands-on experience of the processes involved in the practical and theoretical aspects of molecular electron tomography (MET). The students will be aware of how to carry out their own MET reconstruction and understand the limitations of the method and how to optimize its use.

This course provides an overview of structure-function analysis of individual macromolecules.
Course Content: 
  1. Learning the computer
  2. Learning the computer
  3. Practical Aspect of sample preparation for cryo-TEM
  4. Sample preparation for cryo-TEM
  5. Sample preparation for cryo-TEM; data collection
  6. 3D reconstruction
  7. 3D reconstruction
  8. 3D reconstruction
  9. Generating simulation-data
  10. 3D reconstruction from simulation-data
  11. 3D reconstruction from simulation-data
  12. Electron Microscopy: Sample Preparation
Course Type: 
Oral presentation of analyzed (cryo-)EM tomography article The major assessment is an oral presentation of a selected article in tomography. The students also have to pass the practical sessions in specimen preparations and data processing using computers
Text Book: 
Basic papers will be used. There is no published book yet on low-dose cryo-electron tomography on normal sized proteins.
Reference Book: 
Electron Tomography (Three-dimensional imaging with the transmission electron microscope) edited by Joachim Frank (1992) Plenum Press New York. One edition is from 1992.