Course Coordinator: 
Satoshi Mitarai
Fluid Dynamics

This course introduces students to the fundamental laws that characterize fluids at rest and in motion. The equations for the conservation of mass, for momentum balance, and for conservation of energy are analyzed in control volume and, to some extent, in differential form. Students will learn to select appropriate models and solution procedures for a variety of problems. Flow phenomena that occur in actual flow situations are also illustrated, so that students will learn to assess the strengths and limitations of the models and methods.

To introduce basic fluid dynamics skills that may be applied to problems in the life sciences and environmental sciences. The course is aimed at biologists rather than physicists, although physicists interested in a refresher course in basic fluid dynamics may apply.
Course Content: 


1 Introduction (Background, Definitions, general concepts, etc)
2 Fluid Statics (Hydrostatic balance, pressure forces on objects)
3 Fluid Statics (Effects of constant acceleration or rotation)
4 Bernoulli Equation (Use of Newton's second law)
5 Bernoulli Equation (Pressure and its measurement)
6 Fluid Kinematics (Description of velocity field)
7 Fluid Kinematics (Control volume, system representations)
8 Fluid Kinematics (Reynolds transport theorem)
9 Control volume Analysis (Conservation laws)
10 Control volume Analysis (Many applications)
11 Dimensional Analysis (Dynamic similarity)
12 Dimensional Analysis (Pi theorem, Applications)
13 Flow in Pipes, Ducts, Etc. (Laminar and turbulent pipe flow, etc)
14 Flow Around Objects (Boundary layers & potential flow, etc)
15 Compressible Flow (Mach number, sound speed, etc)
Course Type: 
Homework: 20%, Midterm Exams: 2 x 30%, Final Exam, 20%.
Text Book: 
Fundamentals of Fluid Mechanics, by Munson, Young, Okiishi and Huebsch (6th Edition)
Reference Book: 
Multi-Media Fluid Mechanics, by G. M. Homsy et al., Cambridge University Press.
An Album of Fluid Motion by Milton van Dyke, Parabolic Press.
Prior Knowledge: 

B10 Analytical Mechanics, or B04, Mathematics II