Course Coordinator: 
Evan Economo
Ecology and Evolution

This course covers biological phenomena at or above the scale of a single organism.  We will broadly cover topics in evolutionary biology and ecology including but not limited to population genetics, animal behavior, adaptation and natural selection, speciation, phylogenetics, population biology, community ecology, ecosystem ecology, and macroecology. 

This course provides a basic overview of modern concepts in ecology and evolution.
Course Content: 
  1. Introduction, levels of organization in biological systems.
  2. Taxonomy, systematics, phylogenetics.
  3. Biodiversity
  4. Energy flows and transformations in biological systems.
  5. Genomics and Genetics of Adaptation
  6. Physiological ecology.
  7. Population dynamics and regulation
  8. Life histories
  9. The evolution of sex and the evolution of cooperation
  10. Community Ecology
  11. Ecosystem Ecology
  12. Global Climate system and Climate change
  13. Conservation Biology
Course Type: 
Participation and Discussion 50%; Midterm exam 20%; Final Exam 30%
Text Book: 
The Economy of Nature 6 edn, by Robert E. Ricklefs (2008) W H Freeman (Paperback)
Evolution, 3 edn, by Douglas Futuyma (2013) Sinauer