Cellular Aging and Human Longevity

Cells undergo aging and have limited lifespans. This lecture course covers the genetic, molecular, and cellular mechanisms that control cellular aging and that affect the lengths of organismal lifespans. Various strategies for investigating human longevity are also discussed.

This course provides a current overview of cellular aging and human longevity.
Course Content: 
  1. What is gerontology? 
  2. How to measure aging 
  3. Longevity in different organisms 
  4. Methods 1, On human aging 1 
  5. Methods 2, On human aging 2 
  6. Cellular aging, Mechanism of aging 
  7. Genetics, Genetics of aging 
  8. Plant aging 
  9. Human aging 
  10. Physiology: Body, Skin, Senses, etc. 
  11. Age related diseases 
  12. Diabetes, Frailty, Brain, Cardiovascular, Endocrine 
  13. Modulating aging & Longevity 
Course Type: 
Requirements; Reports, Oral Discussion, Participation of Experimental demonstration using apparatus (LC-MS)
Text Book: 
Biology of aging Roger McDonald 2014
Prior Knowledge: 

Requires at least advanced undergraduate level Cell Biology and Genetics or similar background knowledge