Course Coordinator: 
Alexander Mikheyev

This course will provide a practical hands-on introduction to biology for students without any background in biology, focusing on computational methods. The scope of this course will range from biological molecules, to genomes, to populations. Our goal will be to understand how computational tools may be used to answer fundamental biological problems, and, in the process of doing so, to learn what these problems might be. Although the course will aim to provide a general introduction to biology for student from other disciplines, students with an undergraduate background in biology are also welcome to attend this course for its computational aspect. The course will have a lecture component, but students will be expected to invest a significant amount of time in homework assignments, and the final research-based project.

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Detailed Syllabus: 
  1. Gene and genome structure
  2. Biological databases
  3. Sequence alignment and BLAST
  4. Phylogeny
  5. Population genetics
  6. Hidden Markov Models
  7. Structural bioinformatics
  8. Gene expression
  9. Biological networks
  10. Next-generation sequencing
  11. Genome assembly
  12. SNPs and the human genome
  13. Final presentations
This lecture series provides an introduction to the study of life and to the biology of living organisms.
Course Type: 
Participation and attendance 1/3; homework 1/3; final project 1/3.
Text Book: 
No textbook