Course Coordinator: 
Thomas Busch
Advanced Quantum Mechanics

Advanced course in Quantum Mechanics, based on recent theoretical and experimental advances. Evolution in Hilbert space and quantum bits; conditional quantum dynamics; quantum simulations; quantum Fourier transform and quantum search algorithms; ion-trap and NMR experiments; quantum noise and master equations; Hilbert space distances; Von Neumann entropy; Holevo bound; entanglement as a physical resource; quantum cryptography; lab: quantum eraser, interaction free measurement.

To introduce students to advanced and recent concepts and techniques in quantum mechanics
Course Content: 
  1. Quantum Mechanics: Mathematical Framework
  2. Quantum Mechanical Postulates
  3. Quantum Measurements
  4. Quantum Algorithms
  5. Quantum Computing: Physical Realisations
  6. Quantum Noise
  7. Entropy and Information
  8. Quantum Statistical Mechanics
  9. Quantum Information Theory
Course Type: 
Homework: 20%, Midterm Exams: 2 x 20%, Journal Club: 30%, Lab: 10%
Text Book: 
  • Quantum Computation and Quantum Information, by M.A. Nielsen and I.L. Chuang (2010). Cambridge University Press
Reference Book: 
  • Modern Quantum Mechanics, by J.J. Sakurai and J.J. Napolitano (2010) Addison-Wesley
  • Quantum Information and Coherence, by E. Andersson and P. Ohberg (2014) Springer
  • Quantum Information Theory, by M.M. Wilde (2013) Cambridge University Press
Prior Knowledge: 
Solid undergraduate Quantum Mechanics preparation.  Students may wish to take this with A273 Ultracold Quantum Gasses and A218 Condensed Matter Physics.

Alternate years course: next in AY2024