External facility users

Important Announcement

  • Due to increased number of COVID-19 infections, we are temporarily suspending the acceptance of new reservations for our conference facilities. The timeline for reopening reservations will be announced on this website once decided.
  • After reservations restart, special restrictions may apply depending on the venue.
  • When using OIST venues, please follow the COVID-19 Prevention Guidelines for External Events at OIST.

If you have any questions, please contact us at reservation@oist.jp

Checking Availability and Reserving OIST Venues

Thank you for considering the OIST Conference Venues for your event.

To inquiry about venue availability and/or request a booking, please submit a Conference Facility Reservation Request (CFRR). We do not provide information regarding venue availability via e-mail or phone.

Please fill out and submit the Conference Facility Reservation Request Form (CFRR) with details regarding your desired schedule and venue. We will review your request and contact you regarding venue availability and usage approval.

Step 1 Access the Conference Facility Reservation Request Form (CFRR) here.
Step 2 Submit your CFRR together with a description of your event (tentative schedule, event outline, etc.) 
Step 3 Upon submission, your request will be reviewed. Please allow up to 2 weeks (14 workdays) for processing. (We might contact you for additional information.)
Step 4 After evaluation we will contact to let you know if your request has been approved.