Computer Science Club

Computer Science Club at OIST

So, here's the deal: computer science is everywhere nowadays. It's in your car, your cell phone and (believe it or not) your computer. By harnessing the power of code, you can do incredibly cool things! It might also help with research, if you are interested in that.

This club's purposes are simple:

  • To code
  • To collaborate with others on coding projects
  • To promote computer science at OIST

Schedule of events:

To be determined for this term. Feel free to come to our first meeting... Whose time is still to be determined.

Have a cool idea for a programming project, but need a little help? Well, you might just find what you need here, so stop on by and join our club! It'll be a metaphorical blast!

Also feel free to e-mail the club president at

His name is James. He's pretty cool.