Virtual Seminars

  1. Dr. Francesco Zonta / Vienna University of Technology, Italy
    Dec 22: Wall-bounded stratified turbulence
  2. Dr. Marco De Paoli / Vienna University of Technology, Italy
    Dec 15: Convective dissolution in confined porous media: An application to CO2 sequestration
  3. Prof. Maurizio Quadrio / Politecnico di Milano, Italy
    Nov 30: The Anisotropic Generalized Kolmogorov Equations: A novel tool to describe complex turbulent flows
  4. Dr. Naoki Takeishi / Graduate School of Engineering Science, Osaka University, Japan
    Oct 27: Dynamics of non-spherical deformable capsule in a Newtonian fluid – Numerical analysis of flow behavior of red blood cells
  5. Mr. Saunak Sengupta / Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur, India
    Jun 30 : Instability mechanism based on Coriolis force on viscosity stratified miscible layer
  6. Dr. Hussain Aziz / University of Connecticut, USA
    Jun 24 : CFD-DEM coupled multiphase flow modeling for drying of granulated particles
  7. Mr. Mahya Hajihassanpour / Sharif University of Technology, Iran
    Jun 23 : Comparison of conventional and high-order numerical methods for multiphase flows
  8. Dr. Somasekhara Goud Sontti / Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur, India
    Jun 22 : Computational fluid dynamics analysis on bubbles and droplets formation in microfluidic devices
  9. Mr. Jinhua Liu / Tianjin University, China
    Jun 17 : Analyses of Typical Lattice Boltzmann Models and Their Macroscopic Reconstructions
  10. Dr. Anirudh Rao / Cranfield University, USA
    Jun 17 : Flows past bluff bodies
  11. Dr. Satyajit Pramanik / University of Oxford, UK
    May 13 : Reaction-induced fingering in radial viscous flow in a homogeneous porous medium
  12. Dr. Nguyen Tri Nguyen - University of Florida, USA
    May 1 : Numerical Methods for Compressible Multi-phase flows with Surface Tension