Marco Edoardo Rosti

Photo of Marco Edoardo Rosti
Assistant Professor
PhD in Aeronautical Engineering, City, University of London (2016)
MSc in Aeronautical Engineering, Politecnico di Milano (2013)
Bachelor Degree in Aerospace Engineering, Politecnico di Milano (2010)
marco.rosti (at)

Marco was born in Italy where he studied Aeronautical Engineering at Politecnico di Milano. He then moved to London (UK) for his doctoral studies and to Stockholm (Sweden) and Tokyo (Japan) for his postgraduate research. His work focuses primarily on fluid dynamics problems, with particular emphasis on the study of multi-scale and multi-physics problems involving complex fluids and complex flows by means of numerical simulations; his main expertise is in multiphase and turbulent flows, Non-Newtonian fluids and fluid-solid interaction, with applications ranging from turbulent flows over complex walls to suspensions of rigid and deformable particles and filaments.

Professional Experience

  • JSPS Research Fellow, The University of Tokyo (2019)
  • Postdoctoral fellow, KTH Royal Institute of Technology (2016-2019)
  • PhD student, City, University of London (2013-2016)


  • Editor of Results in Engineering, Elsevier (2023-present)
  • Associate Editor of European Journal of Mechanics - B/Fluids (2022-present)

Awards and Fellowships

  • Madrid Turbulence Workshop, Universidad Politecnica de Madrid (2023)
  • RYUMON Award - Distinguished Young Researcher in Fluid Mechanics, Japanese Society of Fluid Mechanics (2021)
  • JSPS Postdoctoral Fellowship for Research in Japan (Standard) (2019)
  • Madrid Turbulence Workshop, Universidad Politecnica de Madrid (2019)
  • CTR Summer Program, Stanford University (2018)

Select Publications

  • M. Abdelgawad, I. Cannon, M. E. Rosti, "Scaling and intermittency in turbulent flows of elastoviscoplastic fluids", Nature Physics, Nature Publishing Group, 19, 1059-1063, 2023
  • M. E. Rosti, P. Perlekar, D. Mitra, "Large is different: Nonmonotonic behavior of elastic range scaling in polymeric turbulence at large Reynolds and Deborah numbers", Science Advances, AAAS, 9, eadd3831, 2023
  • S. Olivieri, I. Cannon, M. E. Rosti, "The effect of particle anisotropy on the modulation of turbulent flows", Journal of Fluid Mechanics - Rapids, Cambridge University Press, 950, R2, 2022
  • A. Mazzino, M. E. Rosti, “Unraveling the secrets of turbulence in a fluid puff”, Physical Review Letters, APS, 127, 094501, 2021
  • S. Olivieri, L. Brandt, M. E. Rosti, A. Mazzino, “Dispersed fibers change the classical energy budget of turbulence via nonlocal transfer”, Physical Review Letters, APS, 125, 114501, 2020
  • M. Rosti, Z. Ge, S. Jain, M. Dodd, L. Brandt, “Droplets in homogeneous shear turbulence”, Journal of Fluid Mechanics, Cambridge University Press, 876, 962–984, 2019
  • M. Rosti, A. Banaei, L. Brandt, A. Mazzino, “Flexible fiber reveals the two-point statistical properties of turbulence”, Physical Review Letters, APS, 121, 044501, 2018
  • M. Rosti, L. Brandt, “Numerical simulation of turbulent channel flow over a viscous hyper-elastic wall”, Journal of Fluid Mechanics, Cambridge University Press, 830, 708–735, 2017
  • M. Rosti, M. Omidyeganeh, A. Pinelli, “Direct numerical simulation of the flow around an aerofoil in ramp-up motion”, Physics of Fluids, AIP Publishing, 28, 025106, 2016
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