Former Members

Rotation Student

Luke Collyer-Hoar

As part of my Mathematics Masters at Imperial College London, my thesis focussed on finding solutions to the Dirac equation in the presence of abelian BPS monopoles using the Nahm transform. I also undertook a project in which I attempted to find solitary waves in an inviscid fluid between two horizontal plates with an electric field passed between. At OIST I hope to develop my work on fluids and as such my first lab rotation in the “Complex Fluid and Flows” unit is concerned with producing a numerical simulation of a fluid between two elastic solid boundaries with a periodic pressure difference. In my spare time I enjoy reading history and philosophy, playing and watching football, and in general keeping active.

Patrick Clark

I studied in the University of Sheffield, with a thesis focused on modelling aneurysm formation at the terminus of the basilar artery-posterior cerebral artery junction. I looked at the formation of wall shear stress at the walls adjacent to a bifurcating flow; considering changes to the rheology of the blood mimicking fluid, the geometry of the physical model plus steady and unsteady state flow regimes. I undertook several smaller fluid mechanics project including a 2D study of airflow over a step, looking at the properties of recirculating flow in front of the step and calculating the reattachment point of the flow downstream from the step. At OIST I hope further develop my work on the mechanics of fluid flows, and as such my first lab rotation in the “Complex Fluids and Flows” unit is concerned with producing a numerical simulation of a turbulent fluid flow over an oscillating cylinder aligned perpendicular to the flow direction. In my spare time, I enjoy playing and watching football, as well as playing other sports and keeping active.

Yoshimura Hideyuki

I studied computer science at the University of Electro-Communications, and my thesis was focused on computational model of neural circuits and their numerical simulation. At OIST, I hope to acquire a broader knowledge that I can use in my specialty. Although fluid mechanics is out of my field, I believe that working in this unit will give me a good experience, because physics is often related to neuroscience through several areas, such as information theory.