Recent Talks and Seminars

Member Presentations

  • Flies, worms and robots: combining perspectives on minibrains and behavior, Sant Feliu de Guixols, November 8-13.
  • The Research Institute for Molecular Pathology, Zimmer Group, Vienna, August 29th-30th.
  • American Physical Society March Meeting, Physics of Behavior Focus Sesion, Denver March 2-7.
  • Interaction and Collective Movement Processing, Dagstuhl Seminar, March 23-28.
  • ENS Physics Colloquium, Paris, April 10th.


​September 2012

  • Professor Chris H. Wiggins, Columbia University, U.S.A., Seminar title: Variational and hierarchical modeling for biological data 

January 2013

  • Dr. Alex Gomez-Marin, EMBL-CRG Systems Biology Unit, Center for Genomic Regulation, Barcelona, Spain, Seminar title:  “Closing the Loop in Drosophila Chemotaxis”

May 2013

  • Prof. Herbert Levine, Department of Bioengineering, Centre for Theoretical Biological Physics, Rice University, U.S.A., Seminar title: Collective Behaviour in Microorganism Colonies

September 2013

  • Dr. Pierre-Etienne Meunier, Visiting Post-doc Researcher, Caltech, U.S.A., Seminar title:  Algorithms everywhere!

October 2013

  • Dr. Jonas Chatel-Goldman, GIPSA-lab, Grenoble University, France, Seminar Title:  Brains and Bodies on the Same Wavelength: the Neuroscience of Social Interaction

December 2013

  • Mr. Amir Erez, Department of Physics, Ben Gurion University, Israel, Seminar title:  The superconductor to insulator transition in thin films

May 2014

  • Mr. Alexey Shvets, Institut Charles Sadron, Université de Strasbourg, France, Seminar Title:  Theory of colloidal stabilisation by unattached polymers
  • Dr. Slobodan Maletic, Vinca Institute of Nuclear Sciences, Belgrade, Seminar title:  Simplicial complexes as models of complex systems                

June 2014

  • Dr. Bo Zhang, Institute for Fusion Studies, University of Texas at Austin, U.S.A., Seminar title:  From below 10^-7K to above 10^7K: quantum turbulence, plasma waves and beyond! 

November 2014

  • Dr. Vudtiwat Ngampruetikorn, Cavendish Laboratory, University of Cambridge, United Kingdom

February 2015

  • Prof. William Ryu, Department of Physics Donnelly Centre, University of Toronto, Canada, Seminar title: Quantifying and modeling C. elegans exploratory behavior
  • Dr. Katarzyna Bożek, CAS-MPG Partner Institute for Computational Biology, Seminar title:  Machine learning and comparative methods in the study of HIV and human evolution