Campus Housing

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                                                   How to apply for SKY Perfect TV

                                                   How to fill out the application form

                                     ★ ​Campus Housing Wating Number in February★

On-campus housing are all occupied. Please fill the form ↓↓↓below and send to
Application form for Campus Housing    ※ Include the request for adding your name on the waiting list.

※We add your name on the waiting list when your employment completely.


◎Types of Rooms : 3 types of room available, 1LDK, 2LDK,3LDK,

◎Furnished or Unfurnished Rooms / Household Rental

There are 2 type of options. Charge for use of furniture/household will be deducted with monthly housing rental fee

Furnished or Unfurnished Rooms

Household Rental

PRP chapter 25 Campus Housing

◎Leaving Room Request

Residents must submit the form at least 1 month in advance from the day of leaving
Please fill the form below
↓↓↓ (See the sample how to fill out) and submit it


◎Damage Cost

All the tenants at OIST Campus Housing are responsible for maintaining their property. The Tenant should bear the expenses for any damages caused by the Tenant's intentional or negligent act.

About Saving Energy (for residents only) 


★ Please contact us:, if you have questions about campus housing ★