New Imaging

From the Proposal, April 2014:

1-2.  A New Imaging Device

Imaging technology is one of the most emerging fields in recent years.  Especially the field of medical imaging using many kinds of radiations such as X-ray, infrared light, charged particles, is a challenging area.  Through this research, new radiation imaging devices using the latest semiconductor technologies will be developed with researchers at OIST.  Ultimately this research is expected to advance to the brain study actively done at OIST.

1-2-1.  Silicon-On-Insulator (SOI) technology

Monolithic radiation image detector uses a SOI technology.  Structure of a SOI pixel detector is shown in Fig. 3.  In a SOI detector, each pixel can contain many transistors, thus data processing in each pixel can be possible.  This enables new kind of measurement such as quantum counting, ultra-high speed image acquisition and so on.





Fig. 3:  Structure of SOI imaging sensor.

1-2-2.  Electron Tracking Compton Camera (ETCC)

An ETCC can determine the incident direction of the gamma-rays.  This can be done by combining several layers of SOI pixel detectors and a segmented Ge detector (Fig. 4).  Determining the gamma-ray direction is very important not only in medical diagnoses such as SPECT (Single Photon Emission Computed Tomography) and PET (Positron Emission Tomography), but also in radiation therapy.  The ETCC detector can also be used for surveying the radiation level in nuclear power plant or field.  Furthermore it can be used to check deterioration of concrete of infrastructures such as bridge and tunnels by using back scattering X-ray.

Fig. 4.  Conceptual view of an Electron Tracking Compton Camera.